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drkohler said:

"Outside of Spirne, Donetsk Oblast, a Ukrainian drone from the 54th Mechanized Brigade destroys a disabled Russian T-90M with several VOG grenades."

Actualy what the clip shows is the improved layered armour of the T-90M. The Ukranian drone drops grenade after grenade after grenade without visible damage to the tank. (As a side note, it also shows the T-90 no longer has the fuel barrels at the back which was the rule for all russian tanks before). These grenades may be strong enough for old T-54/62 tanks, but here it's just a total waste of ammunition. Why they even attack a disabled tank is anyone's guess...

If the tank sits on Russian held territory it can be recovered and repaired. The more damage Ukraine manages to induce the longer repairs will take.
Though I can't assess the damage I can see that something is burning. Even if it is only the outer sensors that would be a huge accomplishment and worth the use of relatively cheap grenades in comparison.

Edit: Ryuu beat me again by a couple of minutes.