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drkohler said:

"Outside of Spirne, Donetsk Oblast, a Ukrainian drone from the 54th Mechanized Brigade destroys a disabled Russian T-90M with several VOG grenades."

Actualy what the clip shows is the improved layered armour of the T-90M. The Ukranian drone drops grenade after grenade after grenade without visible damage to the tank. (As a side note, it also shows the T-90 no longer has the fuel barrels at the back which was the rule for all russian tanks before). These grenades may be strong enough for old T-54/62 tanks, but here it's just a total waste of ammunition. Why they even attack a disabled tank is anyone's guess...

It's a T-90M, one of Russia's most modern tanks (entered service in 2016). You'd hope that it would take more than one low yield grenade dropped from a cheap ass drone to destroy it, Lol.

Pretty sure it's fucked by the end of that video with it burning off. The footage is in black and white so it's hard to see the damage but I'm fairly confident that tank isn't going anywhere and the more damage, the better, even if it isn't in bits and pieces.

It's not a waste of ammo either, a disabled tank can still be recovered and repaired later on, it's in fact a very good use of ammo to destroy any tank they come across, disabled or not, in this case it looks disabled because it's stuck in a ditch.

Abandoned vehicles are destroyed by both sides since the very start of the war because it's logical, nobody wants the enemy coming back for their heavy equipment later, one T-90M is potentially worth hundreds of Russian soldiers.

So even if it is still recoverable (which I have my doubts on), it is not a waste of ammo to at least try, the grenade used is mass produced and Ukraine likely has hundreds of thousands, the drones are cheap but deadly whose main use is to drop bombs, Ukraine likely has hundreds.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 27 May 2023