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VersusEvil said:

So IGN rated the Sony showcase a 8-9/10 coz of Formstars and their community poll ranked it as S-Tier. Lol, I just can’t with these clowns 😂😂

Barely anyone in the comments agrees with it so I'm left questioning what the hell this "community poll" was, Lol. Can't even find it so I guess it was a YouYube poll during the livestream chat? I feel like if Xbox pulled a showcase which was mostly 3rd parties, a few 1st party announcements with the majority being CGI trailers they would be ripped apart, Lol.

Not a bad thing if you enjoyed the showcase though, but it'd a bit odd to see how defensive some publications are becoming over it, I saw one earlier today with the title of "Quit Your Whining! PlayStation Showcase 2023 Was Excellent" which I found a bit odd, Lol. You can have your opinion but it's a bit odd to be so defensive that you're making an article out of everyone who is complaining and telling them they're wrong.

I'm not sure if this is a dig or not.

2024 Remains A Mystery For PlayStation And Xbox Exclusives - Another odd article, I mean, the Xbox showcase is literally two weeks away, wait for them first before including them in the title, Lol.