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I hit my first snag in my "no fast travel" play style. I finally got to the temple of time on Great Sky Island and it send me back out to get to another Shrine first which turns out to be way high up in the sky.

So I worked my way to one of the Sonai platforms, glued some fans to it and slowly made my way up and over. That works great (albeit slow, have to wait for the battery to recharge over and over). Yet after visiting the 2 islands on the way, getting close to the destination, the platform started blinking and then disappeared, sending me to my death ugh. Respawning on the last island I visited with no way off lol.

I used a wing to get back down (Recall to launch) then tried to make a powered plane out of the wing. However no matter how I place the fans, the control just isn't there not to turn the wing into an escaped balloon. With 3 fans (2 lifting up the wings and one providing propulsion) it's sort of stable, but too heavy. Drops like a lead leaf while the battery recharges. I somehow managed to stay on / fall back on as it make a full tumble, then it crashed on the ground. No thermals either to gain altitude plus the wing also disappears after a while (timed?)

My next attempt is still under way (ran out of time). Plan is to get the platform high enough to launch a wing from to reach the destination. I suspect the platform disappears when you get close to 'where you're not supposed to go with it' as it did the same when flying one of those over to the temple of time. Blink blink poof. So 'life boat' added, get high enough, send it towards the destination and stand on the wing pointed in the right direction in case the platform de-spawns.

(Pressing Y every 30 seconds atm to get a little higher each time)

Odd, it did not despawn this time. Currently hovering over the tiny pool in the tree, slowly descending now to make a soft landing (or fall in the water if the despawn zone is a box around the island)

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 24 May 2023