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zeldaring said:
Doctor_MG said:

I think what you are failing to factor in is the fact that this ISN'T just BotW on the Switch. The game is able to seamlessly transition between three (actually more like two and a half) huge worlds, not just the single world that is found on BotW. You can go from the sky all the way down to the depths without a single loading screen. They focused on increasing draw distance to help this transition feel more seamless. While they did create a more aggressive dynamic resolution and implement reconstruction techniques, what they've pulled off on the Switch is truly impressive. In addition to this, they've improved some aspects of the game (shadows, textures, albeit not to a significant extent) and they've even SHORTENED the load times. The game is 2.5 times larger than BotW and they managed to reduce load times...isn't that crazy?

When considering graphics it is important to think about the scope of the game. It's quite easy to suggest that linear game A is more graphically impressive than open world game B if you don't. 

I really don't care about the size of the world. None of the fans of the series actually asked for a bigger world. we mainly wanted more dungeons, better performance and  graphics, a Much more refined UI. weapons that don't break for many, and for me especially new combat system because this one feels really dated now imo. I mean i guess that's impressive if you wanna mainly focus on the loadt imes  draw distance but thats the only improvements really on something that came on wiiu 6 years ago.  

You keep mentioning the time & the fact the engine began on wii u...

Whether it was 6 months, 6 years or 6 decades, the switch can only be pushed so far & if BotW was already tapping most of the horsepower then it's simply diminishing returns when it comes to optimisation.

And just because a game engine was created on one platform doesn't necessarily mean it can't run efficiently on another. It's way more complicated than you're making out, that's why I leave the technical stuff to folk that know what they're taking about. DF know way more than I do, and I suspect more than you too. Dismissing their take just because it doesn't fit with what you want to be true isn't accomplishing anything. 

Nintendo chose to spend the extra performance they could squeeze on creating a bigger world, over higher fidelity. You may not agree with that approach but I don't think they'll really give a monkeys what you think when the game sells 10m in 3 days & receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

If you want higher fidelity and a smaller open world, there are plenty of options on other platforms - maybe this game just ain't for you...