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zeldaring said

I don't know man. The graphics and perfomance hardly being improved from a game that was made for wii u 6 years ago is kinda of sad. it's not Nintendo like to be honest. doesn't really matter a year from now we will get switch 2 and  will no longer have worry about games looking like crap anymore for nintendo. imagine a zelda with red dead 2 type graphics, heck even in this style at 1440p/60fps would make a massive difference.

TOTK has a lot more in comparison to the prior game for a start the are three layers to the open world that alone is a massive jump for reference look at San Andreas compared to the prior games on PS2, in order to be bigger it took some compromise and perfomance wasn't consistent.

The irony is both BOTW and TOTK do technical things that games deemed graphical don't for example the are two videos comparing BOTW to HZD and RDR2 that highlights what the game is doing at all times and TOTK retains all of it and more on a bigger scale.