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curl-6 said:
SvennoJ said:

I would gladly take shorter draw distance and some pop in for sharper visuals on tv. And a way to dial up the in game contrast. The game is fun, but not being able to see well what's going on while playing during the day sucks.

They did step up sharpness over BOTW by adding FSR.

Visibility hasn't been a problem for me personally; the game can sometimes have a hazy look but never to a detrimental extent. Sure it's not your TV settings?

I have it connected to the amp for sound and switching inputs so it 'shares' the same tv input as Cable, DVD, PS5 and Series X. The TV is calibrated and set to game mode with all image enhancements turned off. Calibrated to display the original image for SDR and HDR. Other Switch games have no issues either, it's just Zelda's low contrast and fog that makes it hard to see a lot of the times when trying to play during day time.

It's detrimental to me, just hoping it gets better off Sky Island.