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JuliusHackebeil said:

And I don't even know if I can trust many reviewers on FF. Because I also agree with Leynos that FF13 and FF15 deserved far worse reviews than what they got. Is it nostalgia? Are reviewers giving FF a pass because of misplaced sentimentality? 14 got wrecked though. So I really don't get it.

Between FF7 and FF10 there were only 4 years. And they managed to put out 4 FFs with some of the best video game stories ever told and some of the most iconic, beautiful art and the most inventive fantasy elements ever. In just 4, 5 years. And than they take 22 years to create the next 4 mainline single player FF games. And up to 16 everything was filled with plotholes, lame, flat uninteresting characters, boring, illogical stories, and writing so bad as if Kojima played them like a fiddle. Dies not bode well for 16. But I heard good things frim FF14. So who knows.

Maybe people just liked them more than you did? That being said, I'm sure the reviews would have been lower today for XIII...

Now, Yoshi-P is behind XIV (widely considered the best ongoing MMORPG) and this, so it should be very unlike most of these games played except perhaps for XII. And if XVI it's very successful that hopefully means Nomura & Co. will be forever shoved aside to just do KH and the VII trilogy.