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Norion said:

Switch did very well and May should be the same story, June onwards will be a return to the decline though. After a couple insane months the PS5 is returning to earth though it's still doing way, way better than the PS4 did at this point and somewhat over a million could be the norm for it the next few months which will make it easily surpass 20m this year. And Xbox Series is still doing somewhat better than the Xbox One did but with how the other two are doing it's just doing ok right now. The next Xbox showcase is soon though so maybe that'll help some.

Some of that pent up PS5 demand is starting to be met. PS5 sales will remain high going forward, especially with Sony forecasting 25M PS5s for the current fiscal year.

I agree that Switch sales should remain really strong in May, but afterwards will go back to being down year-on-year. You never know with holidays with deals, but May is likely the last month the Switch has a chance to be the best-selling console in a given month.

Xbox Series X|S sales in May are looking to be better than in April (with the limited data we have so far) with a chance to be up year-on-year as sales last May were 466K, or at least down year-on-year by far less percent wise than we've seen so far this year. And yeah, it is doing better than the Xbox One, it just looks worse than it is with how high PS5 and Switch sales are right now. I still see Xbox Series X|S selling 60m-70m lifetime due to the stronger first-party lineup of games.

It should be noted April had 4 weeks compared to 5 weeks for March. Here are the average weekly sales for March and April.


  • PS5: 420,157/wk
  • NS: 216,981/wk
  • XS: 111,062/wk


  • PS5: 336,473/wk
  • NS: 318,438/wk
  • XS: 93,214/wk

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