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Conina said:
SvennoJ said:

Another 15 more games have also been announced on the US store

Now up to 85 confirmed titles.

Very positive feedback from many VR-game reviewers for the PSVR2 version of Red Matter 2.

I enjoyed the first game, so I'll get RM2 definitely, but I'm still not sure if the PSVR2 or the PCVR version.

@SvennoJ : If I remember correctly, you are using an IR-blaster for better tracking, but I can't find that posting.

Would you recommend it? Which model do you have?

My new display has these mini IR-blasters included, but I doubt that the'll help for VR tracking since their main purpose are remote control signals:

I bought this one

It's sitting on my amp facing up to the ceiling in the corner of the room. It's pretty bright and lights up most of the room. I still need another light on at the other end of the living room (which is the kitchen, open concept with high vaulted ceiling) to make sure tracking stays stable. It's a huge living room though, that light should be plenty on its own for a bedroom or regular living room space.

I bought Red Matter 2, haven't played it yet though. The feedback on Reddit is very positive, best looking game on PSVR2 atm. I'll try it soon but gonna try to get into TotK again before I give up on that entirely. Dunno if it's VR or just a boring sequel, yet BotW easily snatched me away from PSVR for 170 hours. This time the magic seems to be lost.

I did play Humanity earlier today, great game apart from some hard crashes doh. One of the prologue levels kept locking up as soon as I brought one of the gold figures to the finish. After submitting 3 crash reports trying it in different ways and always crashing at the same point, I did that level in cinema mode which worked, then switched back to VR mode. At least there was an easy workaround.

This is the second time a game crashed while playing on PSVR2, I had it before with TWD S&S Retribution. It's very weird, the image simply freezes oin the headset and you can still look around. Reprojection keeps working as if you are looking at a static 360 video. The image ends with a big circle around it, then repeats behind you upside down. It's actually quite a cool effect but can't record it as on the social screen you just see the frozen image as it was when the game crashed. Then after a minute or so the error screen comes up with submit crash report. Cool to see reprojection is all carried out on the headset. Which makes sense to have the lowest latency possible between head movement and screen update.