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Azzanation said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Amiibos are horrible, I don’t care if people like collecting them. If people like collecting them, then just make them collectible toys, don’t tie in game content to them. Most of what Don said about Nintendo is correct, and should serve to show us what can happen if a company is unchallenged in their market.

What the OP is seeking is an industry where Sony is unchallenged in their market like Nintendo isn’t challenged in theirs. I’ll pass on that, thanks.

Simple, dont collect them. They are making content for the Amiibos. If the Amiibos didn't exist, neither would the extra content. I like them and so do many other people.

the-pi-guy said:

Except they probably won't. Nintendo and Sony/MS make very different kinds of games. 

Azzanation said:

I disagree. Plus I am not saying have zero competition I have been saying 2 is enough in the console space. If Sony want to screw over people than people will flock to Nintendo, if Nintendo screw over their fans, they will flock to PS. 3rd wheel has proven time and time again that they drop out and are replaced by a new brand trying to make a dent. Its constantly happened.  

You are the second person to say Steam benefited from competition without stating what? What did EGS bring to PC gaming that made Steam better to compete?

Example: Steam is free, and with competition could be the reason Steam starts charging their customers. People are blinded in thinking competition is only a good thing. Its not.

EGS pushed Steam to cut how much they get from developers. It benefitted developers. 

This is a strange hypothetical, and I have no idea how competition could lead Valve to doing so.  

How did EGS benefit me, a Steam user? Valve never budged with EGS's Cut which from memory was 12%. Steam still takes 30% to this day (Depending on sales). So no EGS entering did not benefit anyone, it only made things complicated and worse for the customers. Stealing games from Steam, weeks before launching, dividing the player base and confusing PC gamers on where they can play their games. 

DonFerrari said:

1) My point was DLC that demanded you having an Amiibo, not amiibo itself.

Amiibos is optional and the DLC wouldn't be made if the Amiibos weren't a thing. You don't like it, i don't mind it. 

2) So you will ignore the SW never getting a price cut? Sony didn't increase the price of HW, they correct the price due to currency change, and Nintendo even after all this time not only didn't cut price but had the OLED model launching more expensive than the original Switch.

PS4 never saw Price cuts either, and it has a direct competitor with Xbox. Also Nintendo never drop their first party game prices, even back in the old days of Nintendo vs Sega, their direct competitor. 

3) You never heard about the Mario All Stars limited run to force fake shortage?

No idea about this shortage issue. The Mario All Stars was a limited edition run. You know what Limited edition run means? It means they arent making many of them and they will stop selling them at a set date. Its what we call a collectors items.

4) Days gone isn't a staple of Sony (Pokemon is for Nintendo), but if you want a list of poorly reviewed Nintendo exclusives the list is quite extensive. But hardly any other company get poor releases that get blessed with 10-20M sales and record breaking.

Nintendo is one of the most consistent companies when it comes to making quality games. Look up the best games ever made and you will see a bunch of Nintendo games, which they continue to add to this day. Software lacking in qulaity has zero to do with competition. 

Your point was that Nintendo was just copying competitors while I pointed to you things that are very Nintendo specific but you are trying to spin it just to say NINTENDO NEVER, EVER took advantage of customer pockets (then when you couldn't deny just gone to a "the others do it to", even for things no one else done).

What Nintendo do now is what they have been doing for decades. You know why Nintendo charge for Online? Its because the competition does it. You know why Digital media and Streaming continue to be pushed, because competition does it. Everything people complain about is because of competition.

I have been playing on Nintendo since the NES and they continue to do exactly what i expect them to do. I am not complaining with their business practices and i hope they never change. Tough luck if you dislike Nintendo.

1) You know the DLCs wouldn't exist because? There are plenty of DLC before Amiibos and even on Nintendo there are plenty not tie to Amiibo so again you are just speculating to not accept the point.

2) PS4 got a price cuts

Launched at 400, got price cuts to 350, 300 and some time limited 250 with bundled games.

Yes Nintendo price of SW have been held since their old days, the fact they have been doing it forever and no one does it doesn't make it better. Actually just disprove your "Nintendo only did because others done", on the point it benefited Nintendo not to follow others they don't follow and on this one no one followed Nintendo as well. So yes they have been fucking you.

3) It was limited in quantity not only time. It was to create fictional demand and value. But if you think that is a good approach to you as customer ok.

4) Where did I said their games lacking quality have to do with having or not competition? I just pointed that as one of the points they screw customers. For me it seems like you support Nintendo when they screw you. Myself I have nothing against Nintendo itself, but I certainly value my pocket more than I value Nintendo's.

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