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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:

Nintendo and Sony aren't competing for the same market so only a very big screwup would transfer customer from one to another, and I don't see either doing it.

Which other company ties DLC to amiibo or hold launch price of SW for 5 years or won't give price cut after 6 years for the HW? This standard business practices must be from fictitious companies right? Limited editions with fake shortages also I don't remember any competitor doing it, poor quality on main entries also don't remember Sony doing it and even Halo and other hiccups MS had weren't nearly as bad as Pokemon...

1) The fact you are saying Amiibos are a bad thing, shows you have no idea. Thats the point of Amibos and plenty of people love collecting them. Maybe not your cup of tea but they aren't made for you. They are great little collector figures with cool in game incentives. I like them.

2) Switch also hasn't increased the price from my memory while your Sony and Xbox competition has. 

3) What fake shortages? what are you talking about.

4) Nintendo just released one of the best games ever made 1 week ago. The quality at Nintendo is doing quite good. Pokemon is your only example? So I guess you aren't going to bring up Days Gone and TLOU1 PC? All companies dish up crap once in a while. Zero to do with competition. 

Also this is all happening with competition so again, your point is invalid to this conversation. If Xbox left and quality games fell, then you have a point, but quality of games have been up and down since the beginning of the gaming industry, with or without competition. 

1) My point was DLC that demanded you having an Amiibo, not amiibo itself.

2) So you will ignore the SW never getting a price cut? Sony didn't increase the price of HW, they correct the price due to currency change, and Nintendo even after all this time not only didn't cut price but had the OLED model launching more expensive than the original Switch.

3) You never heard about the Mario All Stars limited run to force fake shortage?

4) Days gone isn't a staple of Sony (Pokemon is for Nintendo), but if you want a list of poorly reviewed Nintendo exclusives the list is quite extensive. But hardly any other company get poor releases that get blessed with 10-20M sales and record breaking.

Your point was that Nintendo was just copying competitors while I pointed to you things that are very Nintendo specific but you are trying to spin it just to say NINTENDO NEVER, EVER took advantage of customer pockets (then when you couldn't deny just gone to a "the others do it to", even for things no one else done).

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