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I laughed out loud when the OP compared it to PS2 and original Xbox. Like oh my god you don't like the graphics cuz they aren't as good as newer console systems, but like this is just ridiculous. Why do people make such absurd statements about Switch. It's so silly. This isn't the first time I've seen people try to compare Switch games to PS2 or even PS1 lol.

BotW looked great. TotK looks great. Most Switch games look great.

To the people on here saying Switch is so far behind and Nintendo needs to catch up to PS5 and XBox do realize that Switch is a handheld right? A handheld will NEVER be as powerful as a console. It's also a handheld that is several years older than the current consoles. In no world is it disappointing that games from a 6 year old handheld don't look as good as games on a 2.5 year old console that is also more expensive! What even the point of trying to make such a silly argument or statement?? The successor, assuming its another Switch will not be as powerful as the consoles because again: it's a handheld! I don't get this bizarre concept of wanting to compare handheld graphics to console graphics just to try to make it seem like the handheld graphics are bad, and then turn up the absurdity meter to 11 and claim a modern game has the graphics from 10-15 year old indie games or 20 year old AAA games when it clearly is farrrrrr advanced from them.