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psychicscubadiver said:
Pinkie_pie said:

I seriously dont know why people would vote for Switch or xbox. PS5 will sell around 20m with just Spiderman 2. With a slim model it could sell 25m. Switch would do well to sell 15m and Xbox 10m

I voted Switch because I think TotK and the Mario movie will boost sales. Not enough to reverse the decline, but enough to reduce it significantly, netting the system somewhere between 17-18M sales this year. I also don't think Sony will sell 20M and will be in the 16.5-17.5M area, as I expect Spider-man 2 to be delayed into 2024 and with rising inflation I doubt a Slim model would cut the price significantly or boost sales.
I wouldn't be shocked if your predictions happen as I think this year is tough to predict, but I feel comfortable in my suppositions.

Sorry but PS5 will sell at least 20m this year