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Barozi said:

There was an easy fix to this issue.
Just set your Xbox as your home console (using your account). That way any profile on that Xbox can use the GPU subscription even when your account is not currently signed-in.

Also consoles nowadays have their own browser, so you could've made those changes on the same console (plug in mouse and keyboard for better experience).

Is that easier than simply using the comfort of my laptop? (which I use as a desktop basically, it never leaves its place, just takes up a lot less space than a desktop plus monitor) The 'easy' fix to this issue is MS fixing Windows so it stops getting confused when managing several MS accounts.

The XBox is set as the home console. My kid wanted to start his own XBox profile, hence making his own gamer profile with his own MS account. But since he doesn't have a credit card, he needed my help to pay for Ultimate. And yep now I can check out xCloud since it's the home console, so it should work for me too. (I'm the old fart just playing physical disc games on it)

I didn't know the Series X had a browser, I can't make heads of tails of the UI haha. Hence I put in a disc and play that :)

One question: Can we play Sea of Thieves together in co-op with his account? One on PC, one on the Series X?

Googled it: Yes, with a digital copy of the game you can play on Xbox and PC at the same time. There are a few things you will need to do since an account cant be playing the same game on PC at the same time as Xbox. With the account that owns the game set the home Xbox to the Xbox you would like to use. Then login with a different xbox live account on that box to play on that Xbox. From there you can use the account owning the game on the PC at the same time.