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PixelPirate said:

Added a gamepass ultimate subscription to my account not long ago. Did it using the console, including creditcard details. Bit weird you needed to go to the website. But I agree, user experience overall with accounts isnt great. I also had some issues in the past with deleting and switching to a new account.

Happy it worked out in the end at least.

Oh it works getting it on the console, but you need the website to cancel recurring billing and to take my CC off his account again. Or at least that's what it said on the console. So I figured I would do the whole thing on my laptop, big mistake.

And yep @EpicRandy it's actually online (live gold) he wanted. Ultimate is CAD 5 more on top of live gold, so easy choice.

Anyway I got email notification yesterday already from MS that they issued the refund, so it's either a mistake from the CC company or a bug in their software listing it as a triple purchase. It's a first as so far every refund has always been listed as a credit. Same way getting gas works nowadays, tap the pump, it authorizes $250 debit, then lists $250 credit and the actual amount pumped as debit after filling the tank.

Call back came, one is indeed a refund. Just a bug in their software then. Explains the higher then normal call volume they're experiencing...

Also happened last year with my taxes. The preliminary assessment the government send included arrears interest on taxes owing before I even had a chance to pay (and still long before the due date). Called them to ask what I need to pay and they said don't paid the late fees, it's a bug in the software... Should be gone on the final assessment. Really breeds consumer confidence with stuff like this! This was only 19 bucks yet incorrect arrears interest on taxes owing, not a funny mistake!

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 04 May 2023