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Yep, tried "I want to talk to a real person" many times with the chat bot haha. Yet they have it locked down tight for XBox support, much easier to get live chat for general Windows support. It seems to only allow you to get help with purchasing stuff / major account issues. It mostly tries to redirect you to "ask the community" bs. Wasted half an hour of my time just to puzzle out the right combination to get past the effing chat bot.

Hmm this is odd, under authorized transactions on my CC it lists GP Ultimate 3 times under debit now, one should be listed under credit...
May 3, 2023 Microsoft*Xbox $19.20
May 3, 2023 Microsoft*Store $19.20
May 3, 2023 Microsoft*Store $19.20

Guess I'll wait for them to move onto the posted transactions list, the two MS Store ones should cancel each other out...
Not gonna pay CAD 58 for one month on GP lol. Ugh technology.

Called the CC company anyway, more hoops to jump through but they're gonna call back in "more than 1 hour" to dispute the transaction. Not sure if the support agent messed up charging me again instead of refunding or if it's their stupid back end listing it wrong.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 04 May 2023