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Another unpleasant interaction with MS, yet also great support experience in the end.

So my oldest wants to try out Gamepass Ultimate since I bought a Series X last year and am not using it currently. He had enough money left to buy a month of GP Ultimate (It's CAD 19.20 here per month after tax) so he made a new MS account on the Series X to start his own XBox account. So far so good, in comes me since he needed a credit card to buy GP Ultimate. I start entering the details on the Series X with the intention to remove my card again after. Before submitting the Series X says to go to for handling subcriptions, can't be done on the console?

Anyway I cancel submitting my info on the console, go to my laptop, log in to my son's new account and add my credit card info there. The I purchase 1 month of GP Ultimate on his account, read and agree to the terms, see his name at the top right of the screen and press purchases. A couple seconds later it comes back with "Welcome SvenZ" (my XBox gamertag). WTF. I click on subscriptions on the page that's still up and still shows my son's info and no subscription. Order history blank. Well done MS, done screwed up again.

To support I go, somehow the purchase ended up on my account. Getting support for XBox is near impossible. The 'AI' bots kept telling me there is no live support for my issue / didn't understand my issue. First I though my gamertag somehow got linked to his account, probably confusing the bots more. I tried getting a refund online but no option for subscriptions that I could find. After 20 minutes of searching I decide to call the CC company to cancel the transaction. While waiting in line to file a dispute, because of no recourse options, I keep trying different combinations on the support page until finally one of the combinations triggered a option to get a callback. I enter my phone number, hang up on the CC company, and almost immediately get a call from MS support ?!!! (No wonder I guess as it's impossible to find that option lol)

From that point on, a professional person on the line. He listened to my issues, tracked down the accounts and purchase to confirm it indeed went to the wrong account. He said it happens now and then that accounts get mixed up when logged into multiple accounts on one device. I said, well it happens nearly every time I try to fix/buy something for my kids. Afraid to switch accounts again he was fine sending the confirmation code to my backup gmail account so I didn't have to log back into my MS account to check my email. He issued a refund for GP Ultimate on my account and showed me / waited on the line to confirm we got GP Ultimate on the correct account this time. 10/10 for real life support.

Still logged into my kid's account on my laptop I could confirm the subscription was now listed under his account. I went to remove my Credit Card, was blocked due to recurring subscription linked to the card. More steps to find the subscription and cancel recurring billing which led to a "Sad to see you go, Goodbye" message lol. But it will remain active until 6-3 or longer if he finds it worth spending 19 bucks a month on.

Anyway I'm curious if he'll find the grass greener on the 'other' side. He got fed up with lag issues in Rocket league on PS5 so wants to try it on XBox. Then after I showed him that if he gets gamepass he can try out hundreds of games he was sold. It's not for me, but he's interested in Sea of Thieves as well and I'm kinda curious how good that looks in 4K HDR (last time I played it was at launch). He's booting it up now :)