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SvennoJ said:

A bit premature maybe. Yet mobile gaming is slowly pushing console gaming into a niche. Mobile game revenue is still growing while console gaming revenue is flat, on a slight decline. Mobile gaming revenue is already almost twice as much as console gaming revenue and represents 50% of all gaming revenues.

Console gaming will live on, but for example MS is already looking to jump to mobile, by game pass streaming and opening a mobile store. Nintendo doesn't do home consoles anymore (they make a standalone handheld version but won't release a standalone home console). So it's just Sony that's still fully focused on home consoles.

I think I would argue against a few things here.

Sony is also looking to make mobile games. But I don't think MS and Sony are viewing mobile as replacing the console market in the same way that they seemed to in the early 2010's.  

In 25 years, does it really matter if mobile makes up 90% of the market, if PlayStation 9 still manages to sell 120 million units? Mobile might be huge and continuing to grow for a long time, but I don't think that necessarily diminishes the console market.