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Zippy6 said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Not sure whether the 400% Benji says for PS5 is correct or not.

The article says "PS5 sales are up by five times." which I would take to mean +500%, as up one time would be +100% not +0%? If it said "PS5 sales are up to five times" that would be +400%.

So not sure which is correct here but it reads as +500% to me.

400% is the same as 5 times. I know it is confusing. I will have the Europe estimates out later today. No ETA right now as Europe takes the longest to go through as our Europe estimates are broken down to UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italic, Nordic, Benelux, and OEurope. And the Europe report is missing a decent amount of Europe. 

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