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Soundwave said:

Variety is now saying $377 worldwide, $204 million domestic (US) for the 5 day opening.

That makes it

The biggest 5 day opening in North American box office history (beating Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from 2009)
Biggest opening of 2023
Biggest global opening for an animated film
Biggest opening for an Illumination film (yes bigger than Minions)
2nd biggest domestic opening for an animated film

377 million already against a budget of only 100 million means this movie is already massively profitable.

Mario sequel and probably even a Donkey Kong spin-off are auto-green lit on Tuesday after the long weekend is over, but now I think the big question in Hollywood will be all about those Zelda movie rights.

It is going to destroy the box office take of every video game movie too, already has outgrossed Sonic 1's entire run, and will overtake Sonic 2 in a few days. 

100mil is the production budget. The marketing budget is usually at least the same amount.