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Mar1217 said:

The only part of the experience that will differ most between is gonna be the voice acting. I don't have a screenplay near where I am enough to see the movie in VO so I'll have to settle for our French Canadian dub which I can trust but listening to the trailer,.makes me think most of the voice actor were on auto-mode on this one.

Prolly, still better than listening to sub-tier Chris Pratt, which amongst the cast seems to be the biggest miscast (though it is what we knew already from the first trailer)

Actually Chris Pratt was fine. I thought the casting was mostly good except for the Kong characters, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach was kinda jarring too.

Speaking of which, it's a miracle my friends found a session in English here in Brazil. Dubbed is usually the only option when it comes to animated movies here, it's why I never watched Puss in Boots The Last Wish at the theaters.