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Doh, somehow my puzzling places save corrupted and disappeared. I start the game today and I get greeted by the tutorial, all progress gone. Last cloud save was March 6th :/ Oh well, doesn't really matter, just annoying the 400 piece puzzle I was working on reset. Extra realism, kid bumped over the table and the puzzle fell on the floor lol.

I finished The Last Clockwinder today. Very fun game but it has a weird glitch. Just in this game, and only while in the actual puzzle area, the view slowly rotates to the left. It's so slow you only notice it when popping the psn quick menu up, which appears to be slowly drifting to the right. Now I get why I always ended up facing in a different direction / place after a while, automatically compensating for the game drift. Very weird, and I don't see it in any other games.

Anyway great puzzles, lot of fun setting up a mocap factory. Just beware you need some room to play this game to its full potential, can't play it sitting, and due to the drift, make sure you don't walk into things irl :/ What first seems a safe direction to walk in in game might not be 10 minutes later...