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Kynes said:
tsogud said:

It looks jank and unpolished. I know it'd take work, how much work is up for debate since none of us here are devs on the game and I don't play what if. But considering the fact that it's built of off BoTW (borrowing so many assets) and had damn near 5 years of dev time, it's def a valid criticism.

They would have to make several thousand different models; combinatorial mathematics tells us that this would require almost infinite work.

Making a game is hard. They should pay people to make them for a living, oh wait.

We don't know how many items there are, like I said, you can't definitively say how much work it would require. An "infinite" amount of work is such an exaggeration. Simply putting a texture on the weapon would look better imo. It doesn't HAVE to be different models.