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I wasn't too excited about TotK before this gameplay. I mean... I knew it would be more BotW, so I was interested in the game. But the trailers didn't show anything to hype me up and the lack of information from Nintendo really put my excitement to sleep. I didn't even had the need to preorder it.

... Until now. The fuse mechanic is nuts (and bolts, lol). You can literally mix any objects and get a new weapon with surprising new effects or a new tool that can help you traverse obstacles. That along the BotW abilities and the "ascend" and "recall" abilities will allow us to traverse and interact with the world in a journey of constant surprises and discoveries.

If BotW took a very long while to get old for me... TotK may very well be a game that I could play for years. And this thought is just from 12 minutes of gameplay. Ridiculous xD