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I can't believe there are people who unironically believe they showed even 1% of the game and the possibilities with fusing stuff and building stuff with ultra hand.
My brain can't comprehend!!!

Everything I saw from the overworld had slight changes everywhere with bigger changes in various spotts in the distance and there are hundreds of islands, some of them huge af with rivers and stuff.
So far I've counted 5 completely new monster species, one of them only in the artbook leak and two returning species from older games.

This feels like Splatoon 3 all over again.
"It's just a DLC with no changes WAWAWAWAWAWAHXJUFZCkxucucigigd6x6zfz,dyugxits7s7tzx8ud85dz6ry9ufojxxöuxzxifzfugxihxizy." MY ASS!!! Holy shit.

The Switch OLED had something similar with idiots saying it's overpriced and unecessary and then it released and everyone stopped immediately.