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I got into the close beta the other weekend, wasn't around to play the open one. The game was a lot grittier than expected, a nice feel. Played Rogue class as usual, mainly did bow abilities. Progression felt slow, in D3 it felt like I was being showered with abilities and stuff but in this it felt like I was stuck on like 2 or 3 things until like level 15, none made as much impact it'd like but then also was swamped by enemies less. Only died like twice and once was against The Butcher which annihilated my arse as soon as he showed up in what was a standard dungeon. In reality i think I need a few actually attempts at character abilities to get the right setup for me but didn't have time for that.

I liked the idea of a set map but didn't like the idea of sudo-mmo. I never played D3 with people, don't want to play D4 with people either. The story aspects in it seemed amazing however, the religious tones of things I can really get behind, love stuff like that in fiction. That one character near the end of chapter 1... my, welled up a bit inside too.

Hmm, pie.