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mjk45 said:
SvennoJ said:

My problem today with VR is, my back and legs are too tired too stand. I have been out all day, jogging, parkour along the river, repairing stuff outside the house. My arms feel heavy, just want to sit down and play with a dualsense. So far only GT7 supports that on PSVR2 :/ Need more sit down games without required arm movements!

And if it wasn't for PSVR2, I would have so jumped on this
Laser projectors are finally becoming 'affordable'. It's not true native 4K though, some trickery involved, yet at 2200 ANSI lumen, that's a beast of a HDR projector.

Less jogging more VR exercise, but on a serious note developers need to understand while immersion is great having options regarding how one chooses to move through the world is even greater, they need to be reminded that the medium can be much more than it currently is and having options enhances that experience for all gamers.

This leads me to VR and those with a disability and how if used properly  functions that allow for less physical means for control and interaction in the VR space not just the gaming space can be even more important when aimed at the needs and wants that come with daily real world living and so having options that cater to those for what ever reason can't or don't want to physically move through the VR game world can be seen as being more than just another set of options to be grudgingly tacked on, because in the long run taking a what can VR offer us as a community approach benefits everyone, it can benefit game development and non gaming alike so firms like Sony  should be encouraged to think outside the boundaries of PSVR2/PS5 gaming mindset and so  along with gaming look at having non gaming projects that aid peoples development being brought to the fore and given more thought than here's an adaptable controller now my job is done. I'm sure if it was done correctly that you would see benefits that flow back into the gaming experience as well.

That's one of the longest sentences I've read in over a decade! Yet agreed, eye tracking can be a very powerful productivity tool as well. Together with blinks you basically have your hands free mouse input.

More control options are always better. I get they want to push motion tracking, yet the freedom to simply look around at will is already great. Plus having the 3D space right around you makes it so much easier to perform tasks in 3D space. Hybrid controls are the best. In RE8 you can climb ladders by grabbing rung after rung, or walk up, press x, and up on the analog stick. You can reach into cabinets to grab items, or press x. Yet to get the map you have to reach into your left ass cheek :/ And in NMS the inventory is attached to my shaky hand making it hard to read text and re-arrange items.

We'll get there eventually. It took a long time to get where we are now in flat games.