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Funny to still see people saying that MS are hypocrites when it comes to arguing against 3rd party timed exclusives because "They do it too", If this subject was to go to an Anti-trust review what do you think is going to hold more weight? Sony paying Billion Dollar Publishers to keep AAA games off of Xbox for a timed period many of which are big franchises or MS making deals for small games many of the which are self published like Tunic, Scorn, High on Life, The Medium.

You would have to go back all the way to Rise of the Tomb Raider to even find anything comparable to what Sony has been normalizing for years now and if people want to bring up Stalker 2 as AAA example note that the game as of now is Self Published and the Stalker franchise has no history on consoles so how can you compare it to the likes of Final Fantasy, Star Wars, Metal Gear or Silent Hill?