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I ordered one of these today so I can play at night without having all the lights on
Then no one can see you, but pass through mode works like night vision camera :)

Some gruesome clips from TWD S&S

Still playing the Last Clockwinder, fun 'mocap' puzzles

And Puzzling places still going strong

I finished TWD: Saints and Sinners Chapter 1. 6/10 game in the end. Fun in VR but even with the added immersion the glitches started getting on my nerves well before the end. If you like dying because of slapstick glitches, then this is the game to get! It ranges from NPCs restarting conversations over and over, conversations overlapping, enemies half sunk in the ground / spawned on top of each other, odd spawn bugs, glitchy quests, below average gunplay. And despite offering more 'interactivity' than RE8, you can't even cut the rope at the end in the church. Gets repetitive fast, even in VR. But still a cool experience.

On to chapter 2 (which I likely would not have bought had I not gotten it as a bundle)

RE8 is still the king by far on PSVR2, followed by GT7, CotM and Puzzling Places.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 27 March 2023