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Zippy6 said:

They really needed to plug up the gamepass exploits so that's a start. If they do add Activision and Blizzard titles to gamepass they need subscription revenue to increase dramatically for it to be worthwhile and the ways to pay next to nothing need to be patched.

Been subbed since FH4 launch and I think my total payments are under £150 for those 4.5 years. Didn't create any alt accounts for the $1 exploit, just upgraded 3 years of gold, ms reward points, auto renew bonus months, Spotify free month etc etc.

I've paid $1 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and it won't expire for another 3 years. I had maxed out Xbox Live Gold to 3 years and upgraded to 3 years of Ultimate for $1. I just make sure to earn more than enough each month to keep my Ultimate at 3 years. We will see if I will be able to keep that up or not once Friends & Family plan becomes available in the US. 

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