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Machiavellian said:
Ryuu96 said:

Roblox will be fine considering the type of shit that they allow on there, Lol. Seriously, Roblox is very poorly moderated. Plus it's way more catered towards kids, a lot more user friendly and massive on Mobile.

Epic has a reputation to uphold: Trying to Recreate Mario Kart in the Fortnite Editor Could Get You Banned - The Verge

Creators Cannot Remake Old Fortnite Battle Royale Maps in UEFN, Epic Says | Fortnite News

So it will largely be restricted to Fortnite assets/art-style as it is a Fortnite Editor.

It has definitely proven me wrong though, I no longer have any worries about Halo moving to Unreal Engine. It looks like to Fortnite what Forge is to Halo but twice as good, I'd say there's a very strong chance that 343 already knew about this editor in advance and that is likely what has encouraged them to switch to Unreal Engine.

The next Halo on Unreal Engine with Forge running a Unreal Engine backend will be amazing but as of right now, Fortnite has definitely won the "editor" competition, I mean, Forge in Infinite is amazing and a gigantic step up but this is simply a step up from Epic.

Not a surprise that Epic could pull this off when they put their mind to it, Unreal Engine 5 is seriously impressive and they're coming for everyone's lunch, it ain't a surprise that a bunch of studios are now ditching their internal engines.

I disagree, Epic has the whole new market store called Fab that has thousands of assets you can basically just purchase and then drop directly into the new Editor in real time.  You can actually update your game with people playing in the editor in real time and Epic has introduced a new programming language as well.  Epic assets are free but anyone can make and publish their own assets to the marketplace which already have a ton of content. When I say someone could do Halo, I mean they can replicate a look and feel not actually pull assets directly from Halo and put into the New editor.  There are already a ton of content on doing exactly that.

Also who do you think plays a lot of Fortnite, kids.  This opens up Fortnite to all the creators who are looking to basically replicate all the junk games in Roblox with unreal graphics and a Asset store that gives them almost unlimited material.

Epic new engine allows anyone to create whole new games within their editor that looks and plays nothing like Fortnite if the creator so chooses.  This is not just a step up from Forge, its basically Roblox with a AAA engine and assets for everyone not just the wall garden of Halo.

I also agree that 343 or one of MS studios probably knew about the editor which helped with the move including studios like CD Project.

I was thinking about doing a few games on the side for some extra cash and I have a few developer friends looking to cash in as well.  We all download Unreal 5 and going through a lot of tutorials.  We will see how things go.  I might do my own class on the subject as this is something I use to do as a AI developer a while ago, building out classes to teach how to develop.

A lot of what I've seen so far very much fits into the Fortnite art-style still but that's no surprise considering it's literally called Unreal Editor for Fortnite. All the technical stuff is very impressive and way beyond what Forge can do. Didn't know about people being able to make and publish their own assets into the store though...So that should change the look overtime.

Assets have nothing to do with feel, all of these creations so far still have a Fortnite feel in movement, gunplay, etc. Because it's an editor for Fortnite and I don't think that will change. So I disagree that people could recreate Halo in it...You won't have the art-style, feel, gunplay, movement, enemies, characters, story, weapons, etc. Lol. The most they can do is make it look a little like Halo assets wise but get too close and Epic will seemingly ban you.

I know kids play Fortnite, I just think you're underestimating the mass appeal of Roblox amongst kids, it'll be fine.