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Ryuu96 said:
Machiavellian said:

So I had a chance to look over Epic Editor for Fornite and I have to say Epic has proven me wrong. Then again, that Editor had to be something they have worked on for years and basically took their own tool and made it avaliable for public use. Not sure if Roblox will be able to survive a AAA editor like this when you can basically create just about any game you want but with the visual quality of Unreal 5. On top of that Epic is doing 40% revenue sharing for creators which is also a nice carrot.

After watching the State of Unreal presentation, its easy to see why CD Project also switched engines. Interesting enough, people will basically be able to create halo in Fortnite which would be very funny on another level before 343 actually bring out a product in the engine. That Editor is a game changer because of the breath of content that can be made that really not limited to just the Fortnite assets.

Roblox will be fine considering the type of shit that they allow on there, Lol. Seriously, Roblox is very poorly moderated. Plus it's way more catered towards kids, a lot more user friendly and massive on Mobile.

Epic has a reputation to uphold: Trying to Recreate Mario Kart in the Fortnite Editor Could Get You Banned - The Verge

Creators Cannot Remake Old Fortnite Battle Royale Maps in UEFN, Epic Says | Fortnite News

So it will largely be restricted to Fortnite assets/art-style as it is a Fortnite Editor.

It has definitely proven me wrong though, I no longer have any worries about Halo moving to Unreal Engine. It looks like to Fortnite what Forge is to Halo but twice as good, I'd say there's a very strong chance that 343 already knew about this editor in advance and that is likely what has encouraged them to switch to Unreal Engine.

The next Halo on Unreal Engine with Forge running a Unreal Editor backend will be amazing but as of right now, Fortnite has definitely won the "editor" competition, I mean, Forge in Infinite is amazing and a gigantic step up but this is simply a step up from Epic.

Not a surprise that Epic could pull this off when they put their mind to it, Unreal Engine 5 is seriously impressive and they're coming for everyone's lunch, it ain't a surprise that a bunch of studios are now ditching their internal engines.

Epic knows they can’t compete with the monopoly that is Steam, so they put all their resources into championing what they themselves are developing into their own monopoly on, and added to it.