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curl-6 said:

Not surprising Bayonetta Origins fell flat to be honest, commercially it's a very tough sell.
The series is niche to begin with, and Origins jettisons pretty much all the qualities that make the IP appealing, so it's a spin-off of a niche series that doesn't even target the existing fanbase.
Add that it's full price despite resembling the sort of thing you'd usually see for $20 on the eshop, and I'm not sure what Nintendo and Platinum were thinking.

Honestly, I think it's a low budget game Platinum asked Nintendo to keep money flowing to them (as they work on Project GG or whatever its called). The short interval between Bayonetta 3 and Origins is proof... it hasn't even been half a year since Bayo 3. So I think Nintendo was just being generous to Platinum by giving them a project and budget to work on... maybe to further their business relationship? Although investing sounds better from Nintendo's perspective like what Tencent did, that's just the "Nintendo way" of bonding with other companies. Hal Lab and GameFreak is just that and we all know how successful they are now. Not saying Platinum is following them, but you get the point.

They should have sold it at a cheaper price if they want to sell more copies, but like I said the purpose of this game most likely isn't to spread awareness of the IP, or to sell lots, but more like a quick money maker for Platinum to stay alive lol. That's what a lot of indie developers and smaller companies like PG do to keep working on their big project. Pitching smaller projects and hoping for some funding. Pretty sure GameFreak did that as well before Pokemon.

Last edited by Shatts - on 24 March 2023