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Updated with short reviews on completed games:

Kslost said:


Super Mario Bros U deluxe (completed main story, trying to 100% complete with wife, get all stars and beat all levels, estimated 99% done)

Paper Mario: Origami King, thought I beat this game a while ago… popped it in to double check and see that I hadn’t.  I’m probably 75% done with it)


Mario Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (91% completed, finished main story, need to finish a couple side missions to 100% game) - Verdict:  Fun, cartoony turn based RPG.  Not too long but not too short (around 45 hours if you are going for everything).  A few minor bugs that cause stuttering and frame drops but overall a solid Switch title late in the console generation.  8/10

Mario Luigi Superstar Saga (via NSO) - Verdict:  A very fun and very addicting classic RPG.  Still plays well after all these years and has a fun story to boot.  Highly recommended to anyone that has yet to dip their toe in the Mario RPG pond.  9/10

Super Mario 64 (via N64 NSO, 76 stars) - Verdict:  I’ll review this one once I get around 100 stars.  But I’ve visited each level and have beaten the game.


Metroid Prime Remastered (few others on the plate before I get to revisit this gem)