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I finished Switchback last night and luckily the last bit does get better. The final boss fight is much better polished and flows well, was fun again. There's also another section that works more like 'red light green light', look away and they move. Much more scary since you can't look left and right at the same time and shooting the one moving behind you while staring down the crowd in front of you is not easy! So lot of of looking back and forth shooting the closest one.

Then you get a faster roller coaster ride while getting to shoot the credits. I played that like Pistol Whip on the beat of the music. The end credits were better than the whole Doomed hotel level (Which is what the gameplay is from in my previous post)

I did start another play-through, the beginning is much better. Not quite sure how you start a new ride, I've been replaying levels as it said when choosing a new ride all progress will be wiped including high-scores ??? When I pressed continue ride the game crashed on the second loading screen... (And I lost all the footage I was waiting to save, annoying increment saving on PS5, just let me save the whole thing instead of "you haven't played that long yet" with options that cut off the start)

It would be nice to see the other paths but it doesn't tell you which forks you already did in the level, so have to study the map first, if you can figure out how to get it (journey so far just shows the last level). This game needed a whole lot more play testing before release. Yet there's room to turn it into a good game.