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Switchback VR, skip it if you're still on the fence. The issues run much deeper than the troubled presentation. I'm in the Penoticon level now, 2/3rds of the way ish and the gameplay just falls completely flat.

From not knowing how to proceed, nor the game giving any hint

Terrible game design as you can't even see what you might have to aim at once the fire starts. I figured it out after watching the recording :/ (shoot the yellow thing sticking out the bar which rotates it and err done)

To utter boring boss fights, which still insta killed me when the acid hit after missing the handles a couple times dealing with the other stuff. And every time that infernal loading screen, I'm still in the same room ffs

Even the wonderful sound design seems to have giving up. Was amazing in the first few levels to be replaced with mostly silence.

At 8:40 I get to another don't blink section. So I don't blink. Literally nothing happens, the game just waits for you to blink.
At 15:15 in the video I finally decide to blink. You can't see it in the video obviously so I shoot the ceiling twice then blink and you can see what happens. More boredom lol. Finally after repeated blinks some stuff happens.

After that's finally done, at 19:40 in I get to drive through a ripoff of House Beneviento (for the second time) which is just silly and annoying in Switchback, not scary in the slightest.

Dunno how it went so wrong. I'll replay the early levels as they were still fun game-play wise with amazing sound editing. Yet the second half introduces bad puzzles, pacing gets worse and worse, sound editor has given up and is simply boring to play.

This is what scary fun looks like, gonna play some more now