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archbrix said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Impossible in a 8 year generational cycle. Eventually the biggest AAA games will target large and bigger specs, whether it's a PC or a Pro version because that's a selling point. They will not hold off to make fancier graphics, as the players are pretty much expecting all installments to be graphically superior to the older ones. The framerate issue will happen regardless of the existence of the pro model, The Last of Us 2 runs only 30 FPS even on Pro model meaning eventually every big PS5 release will be 30 FPS. What the Pro Model will offer is a chance to upgrade it to a version with better resolution for people who are start to get annoyed of seeing their console to show its age (and mind you, that WILL happen).

I don't disagree with you here as that illustrates the problem. If the biggest AAA games target large and bigger specs, it's just PC they're targeting, that's why a Pro model would be created, and PCs evolve much faster.  So a Pro model is made and it's fine at first, but what happens when they start targeting higher than the Pro model's specs?  Do you make a "Pro" Pro Model?  That's a big part of where PC's and consoles differ and I guess I prefer the ~7 year life cycle method for consoles more.

When the target gets to high that a Pro console wouldn't be enough the baseline would be even worse and yes you would get a new gen.

But when you look for real world, even with PS5 released Sony still made some great exclusives launching on base PS4 and run acceptably.

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