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archbrix said:

Perhaps gracefully wasn't the best terminology, haha.  But the PS3 is actually a good example for what I meant:  Compare games from the first couple of years to Uncharted 2 & 3 or The Last of Us.  Granted they were 720p/30fps but that's what we were used to with AAA games at the time and they ran fine.  But most importantly, they show an almost generational leap over the early stuff.  Heck even Streets of Rage 1 to 2 on Sega Genesis back in the day - almost looked like it was on a different console.  And of course we all went nuts when DKC came out on the SNES.  These are the kinds of leaps I could appreciate on my same, aging console without the need of a Pro variant.

Regarding your second paragraph... that's actually not a bad idea.  Going from Pro model to Pro model does have it's advantages if you're not an early adopter and don't mind being behind on new releases.

First party exclusives are the exception though. And even so, a ps3 pro would have saved me the money on the TloU remaster for ps4 where the game ran much better. PS3 went from 1080p60 launch games to struggling to maintain 720p30 at the end. So for PS5 1440p30 at the end of the gen would be the same with pro model delivering the 4K and 60fps modes. That's how games look so much better at the end of the gen, getting to know the hardware inside out, and using it for more than just rendering more pixels. 1080p60 is 4.5x more pixels per second than 720p30. Same difference between 4K60 and 1440p30. That's how you get games to look a generational leap over release games.

On a base model you can still enjoy the advances in game development, albeit at lower resolution and frame rate compared to early games.
With a pro model, you can have both.

Personally I can't see the difference between 1440p and 4K on my tv anyway, and 30 fps is perfectly fine to me as well on tv. (Although not if it regularly misses the target with bad judder as a result, yet same goes for 60 fps) However in VR I wouldn't mind some extra grunt for super sampling or native 90fps in more games without sacrificing detail.