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the-pi-guy said:

I wouldn't say anything would be off the table. 

Especially today when MS and Sony are increasingly publishing their games on more platforms. 

I see no reason why they would change what Square is doing PC wise.

I could see things change with regards to Nintendo and Xbox platformers. But even there I wouldn't write everything off. I have little doubt they would make Final Fantasy exclusive full time. But everything else could very well stay on Switch. 

It's hard to say because NS is much bigger in Japan. A lot of their smaller games may very well need that support to continue. And it wouldn't add as much making them exclusive. 

I've heard a lot this gen that something would not happen because it didn't make sense, only for those things to happen. 

It doesn't make sense for Sony to buy Bungie. 

It doesn't make sense for Sony to put their games on PC. 

At this point I'm just looking forward to the things that "don't make any sense" that start happening anyways. 

Yep, some titles, which aren't really system sellers would do much well as multiplatform (even more if they sell mostly in Japan where well Switch trounces PS5, and no amount of exclusive small SE games would change that) than they would help as exclusives. The change I could see is some titles that didn't launch on PS would launch.

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