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Options are nice, yes, but if I had already bought my PS5 I can see being pissed if there’s a stronger model coming out now. Maybe I would have waited had I known, if many games in the future run that much better on the Pro model. I mean, there’s a reason they’re making a stronger model - to target the better specs - and if doing that means that the lesser systems suffer from more than just lesser resolution sometimes because of it, then yeah, there’s a bearing on the people who spent $500 not knowing there would be a stronger option, especially this soon after people can finally start buying a PS5.

Personally, I miss the days when one piece of hardware was the target for the generation and we could look forward to how the games progressed from launch to its twilight years. Perhaps it made programmers work harder optimizing code and truly learning a console’s intricacies instead of just throwing more power at the problem. During Gen 7, Sony and Microsoft lost a ton of cash giving us super powerful consoles to last ~8 years before successors. For Gen 8, the companies went more modest for the time instead, resulting in mid-gen upgrades for PS and XB. The PS5 is plenty powerful for a console. It doesn’t need a mid-gen upgrade in my opinion, or at least it shouldn’t. We now have the ability to play games that are gorgeous at 60fps from the start and there's still plenty of juice left to squeeze from the current PS5. And if you're a developer with a next-gen vision for a game that can’t be realized properly on the current consoles, then maybe just save it for the PC or the PS6 instead? That’s what next-gen is for.