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Runa216 said:
DonFerrari said:

At least he holds some shame on saying that Sony could make it PC-compatible while recognizing it wouldn't happen, not this model for this price.

I genuinely don't understand this 'why don't console manufacturers put their stuff on PC?' outcry. IT makes no sense to me. Like whining that disney movies aren't on Netflix anymore or Netflix shows/movies aren't on DisneyPlus. Different ecosystems. These people are insane and are acting hilariously entitled. 

VR is in kind of a weird spot. Because it's treated as a console/peripheral/basically a screen, depending on where you are.  

No, people understand generally that Xbox and PS are different ecosystems. But it's not like we need different ecosystems for our Televisions. 

Mobile phones are in a weird spot, where they are separate ecosystems; but most things are so generalized that it barely even matters. 

There are console peripherals that do work on PC, mostly the DualShock 4, Dualsense, and Xbox controllers.  

I don't think it's surprising that people want more utility from expensive peripherals. Imagine if we had to buy PlayStation TV's and Xbox TV's in order for our consoles to work. (Not the best comparison, but it's not a crazy one either).