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Darwinianevolution said:
Kyuu said:

How does it divide the userbase? And no, buyer's remorse is objectively not the only thing it does. There is a big market for it and it's not taking away anything from the original console you bought, which will be supported for well over 10 years anyway. On the contrary, as someone who will likely skip the Pro again, I'm hopeful this move would encourage more developers to actually take full advantage of the base hardware instead of throwing more pixels at me and calling it "next gen visuals".

People will complain about everything, there will never be a solution that makes everyone happy. As long as the base console remains mandated, I don't see why more options shouldn't be welcome by everyone. They will cost more and not detract from what you paid for a year(s) prior. The next thing you guys will suggest is that consoles and games should never get pricedrops/deals because those too will cause buyer's remorse. Just enjoy what you paid for and let others enjoy other options. To wish against the existence of an option that will make a lot of people happy is something I'll never understand. Why even stop here? Start hoping PC manufacturers will also quit introducing new parts frequently, because those can make some of us remorseful/jealous in a never-ending loop of remorse and jealousy.

About time we accepted that technology is ever evolving.

Two versions of a game will look/run differently in the same ecosystem. Some games will not release on the weaker platform if the game is really demanding. And many people will see this and decide their purchase is not good enough and buy a second console, which is basically near identical to the one they have and pay premium for that.

Consoles are not PCs, you buy it expecting it to last as many years as possible. You don't want to spend that much money every couple of years, mobiles are bad enough for that, I don't want that business model for consoles. If you don't mind upgrading every now and then, you get a PC.

No, demanding games won't skip the base PS5 which is mandated, it's one of the few things that still set consoles (generations) apart from PC, for better or worse.

Mid gen upgrades existing literally will not affect your experience compared to if they wouldn't exist, unless Sony allow 3rd parties to skip the standard model which they will not (3rd parties will not want to skip it either way because it's crazy popular and will easily outsell the Pro). Until they do, you're not affected in a way that is dissimilar to pricedrops and deals for games and consoles. Neither PS4 Pro nor Xbox One X had games that couldn't run on the original console, and I don't expect this to change on the PS5 side (it may however change on the Xbox side because the Series S is underpowered from day 1). PS5 will power through the generation no problem, just with lower resolutions and settings. Hell, a lot people here seem to think even the Series S will be fine.