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ConservagameR said:
Chazore said:

And this is why over the past decade, that I've started to see Shareholders as becoming a vastly growing problem to this industry, because we have stopped being people who buy and make a company what they are, to cattle that gets farmed, and tricked into doing what they want, while Shareholders are now the main customers, the ones who don't even play the games.

I honestly find shareholding problematic, because at it's deepest core, it's basically you playing another more intricate form of the lottery, only instead of buying a few tickets, you're buying shares in a company, in the hopes you'll win big payouts, and well, that's rng, and rng isn't exactly a reliable thing to base your entire life on, if you really want to get somewhere (you know, like companies that stop taking risks, and instead rely on random dart throws at a board to see what sticks, instead of being steadfast and doing something new and sticking to it).

Ultimately, we're being used, and the shareholders aren't fully getting psyched like we are, and that's what I find twisted, because although we're not buying shares in the hundreds or thousands, we're still paying over the long-term with these newly added boxes, MT's, increase in prices and such, and it all goes back to shareholders wanting to be appeased over us, which is just pure selfish greed.

I know the function that shareholders provide, but really, we've not had shareholders like the modern era in the old ages, which proves we did survive and thrive without them before, it's just that now they are stupidly and heavily relied upon more than the customer, and I feel like that's where we've messed up.

I just wish we could go back to the days when we were the real and true customer, and not taken for granted and psyched/mocked into buying what is sold to us. 

Not a chance things go back the easy way, especially since it's money we're talking about. Whenever there are money problems high enough up the chain, they'll always get covered up and patched for the time being, only to get patched later again, unless someone rich screwed someone else rich over, then they might make an example of them and ruin them.

There's only the hard way now. Whether consumers fix it by purposely standing together and refusing to buy, leading to big enough losses that shareholders bail out in droves, at least the worst short game holders, which forces the company to smarten up, for a time, or whether things have to actually crash, hurting the (stock) markets bad enough that they finally are forced to change for the better, the hard way is the way it get's fixed.

That or pray for a true revolution when it comes to GPU chip design and manufacturing, and pray hard.

Here the problem, every single gamer could decide to stop buying Nvidia GPUs today and they still have a decent chance to have record profits over the next couple years.  With all the Hype around ChatGPT 4 and the many start up we starting to see with tons of money to spend that entire business model relies on licensing the use of ChatGPT and other AI models, the demand for NVidia expensive AI focus GPUs going to sky rocket.

All signs pointing to over the next couple years AI going to become a much bigger way of how businesses' operate.  Some of the recent Microsoft Copilot demos been impressive and it only going to get better and NVidia is in the best position to provide the GPU to run these AI models.

Just look at articles like

This looking to be even more profitable and more sustainable for NVidia then the mining boom.