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Runa216 said:
pikashoe said:

Droidknight has already said everything better than I could. I suggest you take a look at yourself and how you interact with others.

I'm fine, you're just seeking drama and Droidknight has had it out for me for a while due to some silly console war nonsense from years ago. IT's easy for you to just manufacture drama to assume there's some ill intent when I was very clearly engaging in discussion about the topic at hand. 

And I've still not gotten any sort of clarification about whether that 'warning' was a joke or not, since that'd be the silliest warning ever. 

He explained very clearly why you were in the wrong, you just don't seem to want to listen. You either have zero self awareness or are a troll, whichever is the case I suggest you take a look at yourself and in future I'd rather not have any interaction from you.