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JRPGfan said:
DonFerrari said:

Making a Pro doesn't prevent making a Slim. Also the lenght of the cycle doesn't have much to do with how is economy right now but how is the SW sales cycle is performing. So Whenever the system launch a replacement starts work with sometype of forecast timeline, but the real release will be when they see the SW cycle on the point it needs to receive the new HW to reinvigorate.

I mean they could be doing both.... I hope their not only doing a pro (If so).
I think a slim makes much more sense.

Also cycles of consoles dont have much to do with how the economy is atm.... but I'm sure, they rather have their launch/early years on a economic boom, than than the oppersite. It has to have some effect on hardware/software sales, no?

Yep, it makes more sense to make slim (saves cost, can be sold cheaper so accelerate sales, and usually can have more production per wafer solving production issues somewhat) than to make the pro, so if it was only one slim is more likely.

Sure if they can choose they rather launch with economy on a good state.

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