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Vodacixi said:
Runa216 said:

I genuinely don't understand this 'why don't console manufacturers put their stuff on PC?' outcry. IT makes no sense to me. Like whining that disney movies aren't on Netflix anymore or Netflix shows/movies aren't on DisneyPlus. Different ecosystems. These people are insane and are acting hilariously entitled. 

I understand and completely support the feeling when it comes down to games or products that would benefit immensely from the expanded player base and freedom of the PC ecosystem. Games like Dreams and devices like the PSVR 2 would become significantly better products by being compatible with PC.

Better for who? No one is stopping any company from making a headset as good or better than PSVR2, heck Pimax 12K, Quest3, Index2 area all in the works. There are a lot of choices in PCVR, so many that game development is hurting because of having to support all these different headsets. With VR it looks more like the freedom of the PC ecosystem is hurting advancements in VR.

Anyway the headset is compatible with PC
But Sony isn't going to write drivers and a PC SDK for it, only to sell headsets at cost to people not buying PSVR2 games for it.

The PC community might find out a way like they did for PSVR1, yet for now for developers there is a 'new' market with known user base all hungry for more VR games, all headsets bought for gaming, with one fixed hardware spec and headset spec to develop for. That allows a lot of room for advancing game play systems instead of figuring out how to make it work with different tracking and different control systems, next to all different resolutions, frame rates and hardware specs.

Dreams faces a similar issue albeit much smaller. If you port it to PC, how do you handle cross support, minimum requirements (per creation?), copyright issues, moderation etc. It might come eventually, Sony is warming up more to PC and has been porting more games over. An 'open' game like Dreams is a step further along the road. And would it flourish on PC? Why did Project Spark fail? Hint, stuff wasn't free to use. Sony supports Dreams with ps+ money. They don't get that from PC players. Maybe Project Spark would fare better under gamepass, yet MS seems to have forgotten about it.