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JRPGfan said:
shikamaru317 said:

Tom Henderson, a gaming journalist known to have pretty reliable sources, is reporting that Sony is planning to release PS5 Pro as soon as 2024, with the generation lasting through at least 2028. The goal of the PS5 Pro is primarily to boost resolution and ray tracing performance in games. 

This makes very little sense to me (a Pro version).
Just focus everything on makeing a cheap PS5 slim instead (imo).

Waiting out the all the issues the world has atm, and the economy being what it is, is probably not a bad move, prolonging the gen abit though.
(I just dont think it needs a Pro version for that)

NobleTeam360 said:

I feel 2028 is like the minimum this generation should last. I think 2029 or 2030 would be good for 10 gen machines.

^ this.
Economy as it is, we dont need a short generation cycle.
The longer the better (for the gamers out there).
(feel like PS5/XSX are plenty powerfull enough as is, game devs just gotta not go overboard with their games)

I'd say Switch is starting to feel abit long in the tooth.... but its been out the longeste as well (and is by far the weakest of the systems currently out).
It makes sense that theres a Switch 2 soon, as you could make a cheap new system, thats easily 2-3 times the power of the system, and would then be able to play more ports from PS5/XSX games.

Making a Pro doesn't prevent making a Slim. Also the lenght of the cycle doesn't have much to do with how is economy right now but how is the SW sales cycle is performing. So Whenever the system launch a replacement starts work with sometype of forecast timeline, but the real release will be when they see the SW cycle on the point it needs to receive the new HW to reinvigorate.

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