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Runa216 said:
DonFerrari said:

At least he holds some shame on saying that Sony could make it PC-compatible while recognizing it wouldn't happen, not this model for this price.

I genuinely don't understand this 'why don't console manufacturers put their stuff on PC?' outcry. IT makes no sense to me. Like whining that disney movies aren't on Netflix anymore or Netflix shows/movies aren't on DisneyPlus. Different ecosystems. These people are insane and are acting hilariously entitled. 

I can understand wanting the content to be there (but whining nope). The problem is "Sony should put the PSVR2 into PC because it is 500USD giving a performance of PC equivalent costing 1200USD". If Sony can sell similar product for less than half either they are eating up the cost to make adoption rate faster (so they can't sell at a loss on PC because that wouldn't be covered by adoption, royalties, etc) and/or the PC counterparts are over charging, probably it is a mix of both and the right price should be like 800 for both.

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