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Last week I finished Atomic Heart and I enjoyed it, I like those scientific fucked up worlds (bioshock, system shock; Fallout etc) that also give you the option to fight and every encounter also has gameplay purpose (loot). Puzzles are not hard but may take up some time to find the solution. I recommend to play it on the easiest difficulty, the first part of the game will feel easy but in the open world you can easily get overwhelmed and die fast (and if you did not save for some time you will be pissed). The lore was great espeically if you take your time but it also makes it a game you should play for a hour or 2 max a day. Play it more and you probably rush to the next objectives missing out on some great lore.

Minus points

- Not so stealth friendly, later on you get repair robots that will repair the robots you killed and they can come fast! making it annoying if you love to play stealthy in this kind of games.

- While lore is great their is way to much talking, again not something for a player like me. When I find a voice recording I tend to stand still and listen to it but when you find 5 of those in 15 minutes you just want to skip them.

- Some bugs but the game got an 35 GB update so they can be fixed.

Anyway I would give it an 8/10. It is like an Absolut Elyx Vodka, Very beautifull and so Tasty but you should have some sips and not finish it in all in one go or you will regret it.